Just a page from another parallel, perhaps a historical record


She twitched her nose. What a lovely fucker! She'd found him roaming, stripped of all conventionalism of the flesh, amber threads describing ellipsis of disdained lust. A complete maniac, with an alien way of morphing his facial features, reeking of acrid sallow fumes, his mouth widening as though about to spurt some repugnant truth on the fashionable sidewalk brimming with hedonist sedition.

Fat oozing as from within the fingers, nails melting and the carcass of the bird crunching under his toothless jaws, a sliver of abdomen peering naughtily, escaping the enclosure of the red vinil vest and the elephant thong.

Gatta be som'thin' beiter dan dis - mumbled with a moist, garlic belch

Soaking in pleasure, she took frantic photos, running amok in her ghoulishness. He dusted his hand and snorted graciously the cinnamony powder, craving with primal desperation the scent of forgotten stimuli rushing up his cells pumping "da shit" that makes existence a lively hormone hell.

Pungent and flecked the beast emerged from the greasy attire with muffled steps and a prying purr, snapping the air, feathers and bloody peak falling out of focus, to the floor, below the scene. –

-Metamorphosis completed- buzzed the red transmitter within her. A scar on her skull resembled the signature of a playful goblin that announces the descent to the magma and munches on sulphured bones. Indeed, it had been completed and the craft abandoned Earth with a whiffy trail, her contorted face as haunted by the memory of being human.

But somehow, that last frame of her twitching nose, the movement of the cartilage hovering as a killing particle, now crossed by the inconceivable notion of broken allegories and timeless love statements. Solar tides licking, dashing, meteorite belts spinning like drunk eyes, rubbing celestial bodies possessed by the greed of astral voyages beyond the containment of morality.

When the beast returned, only its limbs were again those of a human and in the eyes persevered a rotten innocence, the very same that tinted his raving voice, as he declared seeing the blue marble floating at the brink of the liquid universe. The audience exploded in laughter and reflectors blinked with renewed eagerness. Eggs and tomatoes flew across as shooting stars. The grumpiest of the spectators just scoffed her despise against the beast. Outside the circus, a rusty placard creaked with the frozen wind. The last attraction, a genetically modified American hooligan, now doped and caged for a glistening presentation at the Alfa Centauri Fair would be shipped for processing as a hot dog meat after the main show.

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